Chrome Crushing It In The Browser Wars While Edge Continues To Sputter

Posted by Megalith 2:00 PM (CST)

Sunday November 06, 2016

Google’s browser is more popular than ever, with recent market share reports suggesting that it now owns over half of the desktop browser market. Firefox usage also seems to have jumped in October after drooping since May, while Edge is only seeing minute gains.

Chrome's popularity is growingآ—it now accounts for more than half of all desktop browser usage and has nearly double the market share of Edge and Internet Explorer combined. Market research firm Net Applications has Chrome sitting pretty with a 54.99 percent share of the desktop browser market, up from 31.12 percent at this moment a year ago, while Internet Explorer and Edge combine for 28.39 percent and Firefox stuck at around 11 percent. Even more interesting is that when Windows 10 launched to the public at the end of July 2015, Chrome had a 27.82 percent share of the market while Internet Explorer still dominated the landscape with a 54 percent share. Now the script has flipped.