George Hotz Cancels Self-Driving Car Project

Posted by HardOCP News 3:03 PM (CDT)

Friday October 28, 2016

It's funny how just six months ago George Hotz got $3.1 million in funding for this aftermarket add-on that would supposedly make newer cars semi-autonomous. Fast forward to today and the project is cancelled because Hotz apparently hadn't provided the NHTSA with proof that his product was safe.

NHTSA then issued a "special order" directed at, which insisted that the company provide detailed answers to 15 questions related to Comma One, its design, testing practices and information regarding safety trials, intended target vehicles and anticipated sales timeline. These appear to be fairly standard requirements for a device that purports to be able to take over operation of your car, even if only in limited circumstances. Hotz tweeted from the official account that rather than providing the requisite response, the company would instead be cancelling Comma One entirely, and turning its attention to "other products and markets," since Hotz says that the prospect of a life "dealing with regulators and lawyersآ… isn’t worth it."