Sweden Effectively Bans Camera Drone Flights

Posted by Megalith 3:41 PM (CDT)

Sunday October 23, 2016

The country’s Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that Swedes may only fly a camera-equipped drone if they are doing so to prevent crimes or accidents, which is questionable because it’s not illegal to record stuff in public places. Enforcing this would also be hard, so some are wondering why they even bothered at all.

آ…local drone owners are upset. The industry group UAS Sweden contends that the court might be killing Sweden's drone market. Aftonbladet, meanwhile, points out that the ruling doesn't make sense in the context of existing laws. It's legal for Swedes to capture images in public places, so why is it wrong just because that camera is attached to a quadcopter? There are no journalistic exceptions, either, which is odd when other laws allow it.