The Best Seat In Any Movie Theater

Posted by Megalith 3:05 PM (CDT)

Sunday October 23, 2016

The best seat is probably your own living room, but if you do get dragged out to a cinema, you should probably aim for two thirds of the way back (and center, obviously). That would be where primary audio calibration takes place. The more you knowآ…

آ…it's based on how engineers typically calibrate a theater’s sound system. According to Steve Martz, director of global technology at audio company THX, technicians will take microphone measurements at several locations throughout the theater. "These measurements are averaged together in order to better evaluate what each person hears when they are watching a movie," he says. This bundle of microphones includes a "primary microphone" that is used to set playback levels, speaker timing, and other parameters that require a single location for measurements and calibration.