Tesla Sued By Former Engineer For Age Discrimination

Posted by HardOCP News 8:28 AM (CDT)

Wednesday October 05, 2016

There has been another lawsuit filed against Tesla today. This time around the company is being accused of [spins the wheel]....age discrimination. A spokesperson for Tesla says the company is committed to upholding a discrimination-free workplace. Wait? Isn't that discriminating against discrimination?

Thomas Flessner was hired as a materials engineer at Tesla’s Fremont factory back in 2012, and was let go in February of this year. He’s now suing Tesla for age discrimination, claiming that he was frequently isolated by his coworkers and bosses for his older age, which ultimately led to him being fired. According to the lawsuit filed last Thursday, Flessner claims he was unlawfully fired following years of "unfair comments and criticism about his age" by coworkers and supervisors.