Do Brain-Training Programs Work?

Posted by HardOCP News 11:31 AM (CDT)

Monday October 03, 2016

A new study published in the journal Psychological Science says that, in a nut shell, brain-training programs are complete BS. Obviously this is something people have known for a while as more scientists have come out disputing the effectiveness of these brain-training games. Lumosity was even fined $2 million by the FTC almost a year ago for claiming its brain games made you smarter.

In 2014, two groups of scientists published open letters on the efficacy of brain-training interventions, or "brain games," for improving cognition. The first letter, a consensus statement from an international group of more than 70 scientists, claimed that brain games do not provide a scientifically grounded way to improve cognitive functioning or to stave off cognitive decline. Several months later, an international group of 133 scientists and practitioners countered that the literature is replete with demonstrations of the benefits of brain training for a wide variety of cognitive and everyday activities. How could two teams of scientists examine the same literature and come to conflicting "consensus" views about the effectiveness of brain training?