Best Buy Agrees To Pay $3.8M Civil Penalty For Selling Recalled Products

Posted by HardOCP News 3:53 PM (CDT)

Monday October 03, 2016

Not only did Best Buy sell recalled products for five years, the company did so even after it told the Consumer Product Safety Commission that it wasn't selling recalled products. The best part? Today's settlement does not constitute an admission of guilt by Best Buy...they just like paying massive fines and stuff.

The agreement settles charges that the firm knowingly sold and distributed 16 different recalled products during a five year period from 2010 through 2015. CPSC staff charged that Best Buy failed to implement adequate procedures to accurately identify, quarantine, and prevent the sales of the recalled products across all of its supply channels. Staff also charged that Best Buy, in some cases, failed to permanently block product codes due to inaccurate information that signaled that the recalled product was not in inventory. At other times, the blocked codes were reactivated prematurely, and in a few cases, overridden.