Nintendo Announces Famicom Mini Console For Japan

Posted by Megalith 1:52 PM (CDT)

Saturday October 01, 2016

The Japanese version of the NES, the Family Computer Disk System, is now getting the miniature treatment. It will be missing a couple of games from the American version like Final Fantasy, but other titles such as River City Random will take their place.

Japanese gamers wondering why the rest of the world gets all of the fun of the NES Mini in November can rest easy آ—Nintendo just announced a similar retro console based on the Famicom, the original Japanese version of the NES released two years earlier in 1983. The full name of the console in Japan is actually "Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer," suggesting it may be part of a series. Like the NES Mini, the Famicom Mini comes pre-loaded with a selection of 30 8-bit games; unlike the NES Mini, it uses controllers hardwired to the console so they can't be used on anything else.