Warner Bros. Settles FTC Charges Over Deceptive YouTube Influencer Campaign

Posted by HardOCP News 7:54 AM (CDT)

Monday September 26, 2016

You know what the saddest part was about this whole debacle? Shadow of Mordor was actually a good game that didn't need Warner Bros. showering cash on the likes of PewDiePie. Let's hope they've learned their lesson from this whole thing (probably not).

Under the terms of the FTC’s settlement, Warner Bros. will have to clearly identify its sponsorship of marketing videos published on YouTube in the future. The FTC order mandates that Warner Bros. will disclose material connections between itself and influencers and will not misrepresent such influencers as independent users in the future. Warner Bros. will be responsible for informing influencers that they must disclose material connections in their video reviews and establishing a system to monitor video content and social media posts for such disclosures. The order will remain in place for 20 years or longer if the FTC files a new complaint alleging violation of its order.