Valve Removes Digital Homicide's Games From Steam

Posted by HardOCP News 1:51 PM (CDT)

Monday September 19, 2016

Valve has removed Digital Homicide's games from Steam after the game developer filed a lawsuit against Steam users. I'm not sure what they thought was going to happen after suing 100 Steam users for $18 million but one thing is for sure, they might as well change their name to Digital Suicide now.

We reported earlier today that Digital Homicide is suing 100 Steam users for $18 million. In addition, they filed subpoena against Valve for information about the users in order to be able to pursue the matter. At the time of that report, Valve had taken no action on the matter, but it appears that reprieve has ended. Valve has responded to our question, confirming that they did delist the games. This was what Doug Lombardi of Valve had to say: Valve has stopped doing business with Digital Homicide for being hostile to Steam customers.