How Steam Review Changes Perpetuate a Vicious Cycle

Posted by HardOCP News 10:58 AM (CDT)

Monday September 19, 2016

I know we covered this last week when Steam made the announcement that it was changing its review policy, but I want to know what you guys think about this guy's claims that those changes are perpetuating a vicious cycle.

By removing non Steam key reviews from the average, Valve is making it even harder for indie developers to get noticed. If you were able to get a hold of a reviewer who likes your game, they could help you out with a positive review. This also has the impact of hurting kickstarted games that get onto the platform. Many kickstarted projects give out game keys as one of their reward tiers. In the past, many of your backers could give good reviews based on their time with the game before it was on Steam.