Comcast Charges Customer $1500 For Data They Didn’t Use

Posted by HardOCP News 3:33 PM (CDT)

Tuesday September 06, 2016

Good ol' Comcast. Where would we be without stories like this? Sad part is, the people even unplugged their cable modem for a week and Comcast still showed that their account was using data. I'd say it's probably a good idea to keep an eye on your bill if you are a Comcast customer.

The testing process, though, did indicate that Comcast’s meter was not occupying the same reality as the subscribers’ home. It racked up high usage during a time when nobody was at home to use the internet, and showed low usage during a four-hour stretch when they were actively streaming video. In the end, nothing got solved. The ludicrous bill went away, thanks to media attention, but neither Comcast nor the customers never did figure out what caused their meter to go nutsآ… and Comcast never admitted that it did.