Judge Rejects $28.5M Uber "Safe Rides" Fee Settlement

Posted by HardOCP News 3:43 PM (CDT)

Thursday September 01, 2016

A $28.5 million settlement seems "fair and equitable" until you realize that Uber raked in almost $450 million from the added fees. Unlike the majority of class action cases we hear about, the judge in this case seems like he's pretty much on top of things.

However, settlements like these need a judge’s approval, and after District Court judge Jon Tigar looked under the hood at Uber’s financials, he decided that the $28.5 million payout was too small compared to the amount of money Uber raked in from these fees. Tigar admits that it’s "highly improbable" the plaintiffs would get the full $449 million at trial, the $28.5 is nevertheless not "fair, adequate, and reasonable compared to what class members paid Uber for safety."