North Korea Built Its Own Netflix

Posted by Megalith 11:52 AM (CDT)

Sunday August 21, 2016

The country has debuted a new streaming video service dubbed "Manbang." No, it doesn’t feature gay porn (the name actually translates to "everything" in Korean), but it will have programs such as documentaries on the leadership. It is hard to say how many will be able to use the service, however, based on the limited connectivity of the country.

آ…even with a highly restricted network, and a video service meant to dissipate state-approved propaganda, some things are the same as for Netflix viewers in any other country. Case in point: A lot of the demand for "Manbang" seems to be driven by kids constantly asking to watch things over and over again, with NK News quoting an orphanage teacher saying: ""Children tended to pester to show new interesting videos again after their release, but we had difficulty in dealing with it. However, we are happy since we are now able to show films to them again, and children enjoy it"."