Why I Watch People Play Videogames On The Internet

Posted by Megalith 1:02 PM (CDT)

Sunday August 21, 2016

You would think that many do this as a means to better their gameplay, but apparently many viewers are simply lonely. Wait a second, don’t games have multiplayer modes now?

That’s what happened to Alyssa Sedillo, a twenty-something from Colorado who cops to watching LPs regularly. "Thanks to my depression, I struggle with being alone, but Let’s Plays help me feel like there is someone else in the room talking to me," Sedillo said. "The Let’s Play community has also brought me closer to people both online and off," she said. "LPs are something my sister and I share, even though we’re living several states apart. LPs allowed me a connection to some of the more introverted students I encountered while working in public schools."