Uber's First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives This Month

Posted by HardOCP News 9:29 AM (CDT)

Thursday August 18, 2016

This seems like such a hilariously bad idea. Sure there will be human drivers in the cars for now but it still just seems like a gimmick that could seriously go wrong. Uber actually wants all of its cars to be fully autonomous 2021.

Starting later this month, Uber will allow customers in downtown Pittsburgh to summon self-driving cars from their phones, crossing an important milestone that no automotive or technology company has yet achieved. Google, widely regarded as the leader in the field, has been testing its fleet for several years, and Tesla Motors offers Autopilot, essentially a souped-up cruise control that drives the car on the highway. Earlier this week, Ford announced plans for an autonomous ride-sharing service. But none of these companies has yet brought a self-driving car-sharing service to market.