90% iPhone Owners Polled Won't Upgrade Without A Redesign

Posted by HardOCP News 5:25 PM (CDT)

Thursday August 18, 2016

This should be fairly obvious but, then again, this is Apple we are talking about, so who knows what they are going to do. The company's normal modus operandi is launching an iPhone, letting people buy it and then hose early adopters with a hardware "S" upgrade 6 months later. But even that has changed recently when the company skipped backwards over the iPhone 6 to launch the iPhone SE. Next thing you know, the iPhone 7 will looks like a larger iPhone 3G.

Quartz recently polled 525 US iPhone owners using SurveyMonkey Audience (methodology details are below)آ—and discovered that many likely wouldn’t upgrade to a new phone this year if Apple doesn’t release a redesigned iPhone. Under the current upgrade cycle, the average customer is upgrading their phone every two years, which means in a six-year period, they buy three new phones. If they switched to upgrading every three years, they would only buy two new phones in that same period. That could badly hurt Apple’s earnings.