DisplayMate: Note 7 OLED Best Mobile Display Ever Tested

Posted by Megalith 12:25 PM (CDT)

Sunday August 14, 2016

Is there going to be a year when Samsung’s latest OLED panel isn’t the best? Probably not. The latest display breaks records in color gamut, amount of screen reflectance, and more.

OLEDs have now evolved and emerged as the premium mobile smartphone display technology. There is no better confirmation of this than a series of well-founded rumors from a number of prominent publications that Apple will be switching the iPhone to OLED displays in 2017. OLED displays provide a number of significant advantages over LCDs including: being much thinner, much lighter, with a much smaller bezel providing a near rimless design, they can be made flexible and into curved screens, plus they have a very fast response time, better viewing angles, and an always-on display mode.