Tesla Autopilot Takes Driver Safely to Hospital

Posted by HardOCP News 9:49 AM (CDT)

Monday August 08, 2016

How about some GOOD news about Tesla's Autopilot feature for a change? Apparently some guy suffering from a pulmonary embolism drove to the hospital using Autopilot and was not involved in an accident on the way.

A man suffering from a pulmonary embolism was driven 20 miles to a hospital by the Autopilot system on his Tesla car, according to reports. Joshua Neally, a 37-year-old from Missouri, was driving home when he experienced the medical emergency. Deciding the best course of action was to get to a hospital in his car, Neally let the Autopilot system of his Model X take control on the highway. He was then able to finish the final section of the journey from the highway to the hospital by himself.