NASA Rocket Test Shot With Incredible New HDR High Speed Camera

Posted by Megalith 9:21 AM (CDT)

Sunday August 07, 2016

The trouble with capturing booster tests is the incredibly bright conditions, but NASA’s got new HDR gear that can handle multiple exposures and capture footage at high speeds. Now we can now see details in plumes and components that we’ve never been able to before. Thanks to Etherton for the link.

"The HiDyRS-X project originated from a problem that exists when trying to film rocket motor tests," explains NASA. "Rocket motor plumes, in addition to being extremely loud, are also extremely bright, making them difficult to record without drastically cutting down the exposure settings on the camera. Doing so, however, darkens the rest of the image, obscuring other important components on the motor." The HiDyRS-X gives researchers the best of both worlds, and this QM-2 booster test was the camera’s first real world dry-run.