Posted by Kyle 8:43 AM (CDT)

Wednesday August 03, 2016

Cocky. Egotistical. Jerk. Asshole. Gotta love this guy. While John Dvorak has fallen off my radar in the last decade or so, I have to say that he is one of those guys that produced some great reads about PCs for years and years. I still want to see him and Leo LaPorte in a cage match to the death however. As much as we like Leo, I think Dvorak gets the kill. Funny thing, as Dvorak articles go, this one is pretty light on content.

The very early years were dominated by the soldering gun as well as some familiarity with machine coding, so you could actually get a printer to work with your computer. A lot of cassette recorders were used to load programs. There were also a number of standards to make this work, the most popular being the Kansas City Standard developed between 1975-1976, allowing the loading of code at 300 baud and then 1200 baud.