James Cameron's Thoughts On Containing Piracy

Posted by HardOCP News 11:58 AM (CDT)

Thursday July 28, 2016

James Cameron says that providing a better theater experience is one of the keys to containing piracy. While I agree that currently the movie-going experience kinda sucks and definitely needs improvement, I also think pirates will be pirates regardless how great you make the movie-going experience.

The biggest hedge against piracy is still the sanctity of the viewing experience in a movie theater آ— when it comes to movies. With "The Walking Dead" or something like that, that’s not what you’re selling, but if we’re talking about movies and theatrical exhibition, keeping it great, making it a special experience, is still the biggest hedge against that. Because even if piracy was totally legal and download rates were much faster, you’re still watching it on a small platform, and it’s not that social experience.