Feds Try To Forcefully Search Wall Street Journal Reporter's Phone

Posted by Megalith 10:19 AM (CDT)

Sunday July 24, 2016

If you are a traveler who is re-entering the country, you basically have no right to privacy. For instance, the Department of Homeland Security can seize your phone without a warrantآ—or motive. Federal policy dictates that "patrol agents have sweeping powers to search a person -- even without ‘reasonable suspicion’ of any crime."

"They grilled me for an hour," she wrote. "I answered jovially, because I've had enough high-level security experiences to know that being annoyed or hostile will work against you." Abi-Habib said that the agents then asked for her cellphones in order to "collect information." "That is where I drew the line," Abi-Habib wrote. "I told her I had First Amendment rights as a journalist she couldn't violate and I was protected under." According to Abi-Habib, the agent then presented a DHS document that read that the government has the right to confiscate phones within 100 miles from U.S. borders.