YouTube Gamers Caught In Gambling Row

Posted by HardOCP News 8:52 AM (CDT)

Wednesday July 06, 2016

The CSGO gambling saga took an interesting twist over the weekend. It would seem that two of the biggest YouTubers in the CSGO community were promoting a skin gambling site to their millions of followers without disclosing that they were actually the owners of the site. It doesn't sound bad at first, that is until you watch their scammy videos where they faked "winning" thousands of dollars in just a few minutes and pretended they had no affiliation with the gambling site they actually owned. The video below contains NSFW language but does a good job explaining the situation.

"As crazy as it may seem, some of the skins go for thousands of dollars. Many professional players have that sort of money to splash out." "Their videos showed them winning thousands of dollars very easily, and that invites a lot of questions. They're inviting their fans to put money into a website, and actually they're also behind it.