Lawyer: Valve’s Silence While Helping Gambling Sites ‘Unconscionable’

Posted by HardOCP News 5:05 PM (CDT)

Wednesday July 06, 2016

The fall out over the CSGOLotto scandal has once again shined the spotlight on Valve and the CS:GO gambling economy. The fact that Valve hasn't made a statement on the matter is rather alarming to say the least. Speaking of alarming, this bar analogy isn't very flattering either:

"Valve is like a bar owner who lets people set up roulette wheels and blackjack tables in the back, sells chips to teenagers on their way in the door, and then makes people cash out at the pawn shop across the street," he said. "Oh, and it has created a new game it owns and on which those kids can gamble, then lets the bookies take bets on it in the corner booth. The fact that it's Valve's server and software instead of a bar, and Steam's API instead of a physical roulette wheel and international websites like OPSkins instead of a pawn shop and Lounge instead of a bookie in the corner booth doesn't change what Valve is doing: it has created a gambling ecosystem out of thin air, and its customers are getting scammed and losing money on rigged websites as a result."