Das Pitches Cloud-Connected Keyboard

Posted by Megalith 10:44 AM (CDT)

Saturday July 02, 2016

Das is releasing a mechanical keyboard that connects to the cloud and displays data from open APIs using LEDs. From what I understand, you can program the keys to light up based on countless conditions ranging from CPU usage to getting outbid on eBay.

The Das Keyboard 5Q puts even more controls at your fingertips. It's the first input device that also outputs information using RGB LEDs that can be individually programmed in a virtual dashboard. The keyboard makes an ad-hoc connection to the cloud and pulls data from public APIs on the internet, so it's your job to map the lights to show that information in a visual pattern on the keyboard. You can even track the status of projects over time using the color-coded display, and the buttons will shift hues to keep you updated on any changes. For example, you can program all the keys in the number row to show data as it changes in a bar graph format.