What Is Optic AMOLED?

Posted by Megalith 11:35 AM (CDT)

Sunday June 19, 2016

The release of the OnePlus 3 might have you thinking that there is some type of new AMOLED panel out there, but it just seems to be more of a sly marketing technique. Apparently, it is just a Super AMOLED panel with a tweaked color profile and/or software-based optimizations.

آ…the OnePlus 3 display is a 'current generation panel from Samsung, tweaks specially for the 3'. ("No serious manufacturer uses off the shelf displays," he added.) But what does this mean? He explains: We've taken Super AMOLED and added our take on contrast and color temperature, to try and bring it more true to life. In addition, we've designed its performance profile to work well when outdoors in bright conditions.