Catching Up With The Guy Who Stole Half-Life 2’s Source Code, 10 Years Later

Posted by Megalith 10:21 AM (CDT)

Sunday June 19, 2016

Remember when the source code for Valve’s big sequel leaked in 2003? If you hack into a game company, you probably shouldn’t ask them for a job afterward, since there’s a possibility they are only interested in busting youآ…

"I was very naive back then," he says. "It was and still is my dream to work for a game-development company, so I just asked. I hoped that they could forgive what I had done, mostly because it wasn't intentional." To Gembe's surprise, Newell wrote back a few days later saying yes, Valve was interested. He asked whether Gembe would agree to a phone interview. The true intention of the call, however, was to obtain an on-the-record admission from Gembe that he had been responsible for the leak, an FBI trick, designed to gain a confession by appealing to a person's sense of pride.