Apple Doesn’t Understand Photography

Posted by Megalith 12:43 PM (CDT)

Sunday June 19, 2016

I don’t know why Apple is being singled out here, but the argument is that developers don’t understand how a smartphone camera is typically used. Would you agree that most photos you take are disposable and that photo apps would be a lot more useful if they were better at categorizing images?

The camera in your iPhone is also a mirror. Something to quickly check how you look, how your ass looks (not big at all!) or if you’ve got something stuck in your teeth. The camera is also my financial assistant that keeps track of all my receipts. It is also a living cookbook journals that keeps tracks of the dishes I eat or order in restaurants. It is also a machine I use to show others what I’m doing right now. None of those images are meant to be saved ‘for later’. A year from now nobody will care about what I did at 9:06 AM while waiting in line at the coffee bar. It might be interesting for 1 other person (the person I’m getting coffee for) but it can safely disappear into the void an hour later. No need to make an album out of those photos.