AMD Publishes 21st Annual Corporate Responsibility Report

Posted by HardOCP News 7:43 AM (CDT)

Wednesday June 15, 2016

AMD today released its 21st corporate responsibility (CR) report and summary magazine, detailing the company’s progress towards its social and environmental goals, as well as outlining the CR impacts and opportunities in its supply chain and associated with the use of its products. The report includes several case studies demonstrating how AMD technologies are helping to improve the world around us ranging from virtual reality applications for education and helping veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to supercomputers that are mapping the galaxy.

Report Highlights:

  • AMD’s primary silicon wafer foundry partners now report as "conflict-free" آ– meaning they do not use materials that support warring groups in Central Africa. Also, 100 percent of the known smelters or refiners of conflict minerals in AMD’s supply chain have been independently audited and 96 percent are certified as conflict free.
  • AMD announced new "science based" climate action targets designed to avoid the worst effects of climate change. AMD also endorsed the "American Business Act on Climate Pledge" to support action-oriented outcomes from the 2015 United Nations climate summit in Paris.
  • AMD is ahead of schedule to achieve the target of improving the energy efficiency of its accelerated processing units (APUs) 25 times by 2020 (compared to 2014 baseline).
  • AMD was ranked 13th the Forbes list of the 25 Happiest Companies to Work for 2015 and 14th in Business Insider’s 2015 list of the 25 Best Tech Companies to Work for in America.
  • 1,184 employee volunteers contributed more than 3,500 hours across 17 AMD locations during the company’s 2015 "AMD Cares Global Day of Service."
  • In 2015 AMD employees took actions that helped save more than 3 million liters of water, avoid more than 87 thousand kilograms of CO2 emissions, save more than 70 thousand kilowatt hours of electricity and reduce more than 5 thousand kilograms of solid waste.
  • Through corporate and facilities conservation programs, AMD reduced energy use by 12 percent and water use 10 percent, while diverting 77 percent of non-hazardous waste from landfills, saving more than $4 million USD.