Corsair M65 PRO RGB Mouse Review

Posted by HardOCP News 6:50 PM (CDT)

Wednesday June 08, 2016

If your old optical gaming mouse is on its last leg and an upgrade is in the cards for you, the crew at Benchmark Reviews suggests that you read their review of the Corsair M65 PRO RGB mouse. The list of positives included a great optical sensor, excellent build quality, good weight adjustment system and a dedicated sniper button.

The M65 PRO RGB gaming mouse is a good gaming mouse built for FPS games. With its 3360 optical sensor with a maximum DPI of 12000, it performs and tracks well on most smooth surfaces. The exterior remains the same with its rubber coated top, integrated weight system, and durable aluminum structure for durability. Because of the aluminum structure, this does make the mouse heavier when compared to other gaming mice. The M65 PRO RGB has a total of eight buttons just like the M65 RGB, which is the same if you are good at math. Each button can then be reprogrammed to serve different functions as well. Color accuracy is not the best as the lighting zones had trouble producing a pure white color.