OLED Unlikely To Replace LED

Posted by Megalith 4:59 PM (CDT)

Saturday May 28, 2016

Is he right? I hope not because there is only so much backlight bleed and relatively poor black levels that I can take.

While OLED panels are seeing increasing use in smartphones and have been adopted for TVs, the technology is unlikely to replace TFT-LCD panels and therefore makers of light guide plates for LCD panels will not see major impacts, said chairman Lee Man-hsiang of light guide plate maker Global Lighting Technologies (GLT) at a May 26 investors conference. Production cost for OLED panels is relatively high due to low yield rates, Lee said, adding OLED TVs will take up less than 10% of global demand for TVs. In addition to light guide plates used in IT and TV panels, GLT has developed light guide plates for use in smart wearable devices' displays, automotive displays and lighting products, Lee indicated.