Microsoft Purging Terrorist Content From Its Services

Posted by Megalith 9:10 AM (CDT)

Sunday May 22, 2016

I thought this kind of thing was standard practice, but apparently Microsoft is only making it official now. Here’s a form you can use to report extremist content from services such as Xbox Liveآ—no, someone insulting your mom on CoD doesn’t count.

Microsoft is officially prohibiting users from posting anything that incites terrorist acts on its services, including Xbox Live, Outlook consumer version and document-sharing website Docs. In a blog post, the tech giant explained that it's taking these steps, because it has "a responsibility to run [its] various internet services so that they are a tool to empower people, not to contribute, however indirectly, to terrible acts." For Bing, however, the company will only remove links to websites if the authorities demand it. Search engines don't host content, after all, and Microsoft has to respect people's "right to access information."