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The Psychology of the Gold iPhone

Here is an entire article dedicated to the "psychology of the gold iPhone. Honestly, we all know that the real reason behind its popularity...GOLD IS BEST! Duh.

Unlike the other colors, the shipping date for the blingiest iPhone has already been pushed to October in the U.S.. And, gold is so popular in China, Apple has reportedly increased production of the models to meet demand. "I don't care what's inside the device," Lian Jiyu, who was waiting in line at a Beijing Apple store, told The Wall Street Journal's Ian Sherr. "Chinese people like gold."

Posted by HardOCP News September 20, 2013 11:26 AM (CDT)

The Psychology of a Fanboy

Any time you see an article with a title like "The Psychology of a Fanboy" you should just grab the popcorn and head straight to the comments section. big grin

By definition, a fanboy (or fangirl) is someone who defends their favorite phone/politician/city/browser/OS/game/console/genre/etc. while attacking everything else. Whether it's the blind trust in the next iPhone, a rallying argument about President Reagan, or a fervent argument for the PS4 over the Xbox One, we like to pick sides and stick to them. This alone is obnoxious, but it causes more than just minor annoyances: it means we attach ourselves to brands and can't think critically about the choices we make when shopping.

Posted by HardOCP News September 12, 2013 5:35 PM (CDT)