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Unreal Engine is Getting Destructable Environment Support

High-quality destructible environments seem like something that should be standard in 2019, but even today, it's a relatively rare thing to find in a game. It was a headlining feature Red Faction: Guerilla back in 2009, and a prominent feature in the recently released Crackdown 3, but detailed, destructible environments are still absent from most releases. However, at GDC this year, Epic announced that they're integrating a destruction system into Unreal Engine. Given how popular the engine is, and how competitors will probably try to achieve feature parity, I expect to see more games with destructible environments in the near future.

Revealed onstage at GDC 2019 during "State of Unreal," Chaos is Unreal Engine’s new high-performance physics and destruction system coming in early access to Unreal Engine 4.23. The real-time tech demo is set within the world of Robo Recall. With Chaos, users can achieve cinematic-quality visuals in real time in scenes with massive-scale levels of destruction, with unprecedented artist control over content creation.

Posted by alphaatlas March 21, 2019 11:47 AM (CDT)

No Mans Sky "Beyond" Update Will Feature Multiplayer

No Man's Sky had a rough launch, to say the least, and most people expected the developers to distance themselves from it as much as they could. Instead, Hello Games has been steadily working No Man's Sky over the years, and the game managed to make a big comeback in 2018. Today, the developers announced what they claim to be the biggest overhaul to No Man's Sky yet. The "Beyond" update is supposedly the culmination of several features they've been planning for some time, as it "will contain those three major updates rolled into one larger free release." The first of those components is a new multiplayer experience, and Hello Games says they'll talk about the other components "in the coming weeks."

No Man's Sky Online includes a radical new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together. Whilst this brings people together like never before, and has many recognisable online elements, we don't consider No Man's Sky to be an MMO - it won't require a subscription, won't contain microtransactions, and will be free for all existing players. These changes are an answer to how we have seen people playing since the release of NEXT, and is something we've dreamed of for a long time. We will talk more about each component when we know we can be precise, and look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.

Posted by alphaatlas March 15, 2019 10:16 AM (CDT)

Progress on an Iron Man Suit is Being Made

Back in 2017, Red Bull posted a video of the "Daedulus" kerosene-powered jetpack created by Richard M. Browning, and its creators set a Guinness world record later that year. But since then, Mr. Browning has gone on to become the CEO of a company built around the jetpack called "Gravity Industries," and it looks like he's made some significant progress with the device's development. The company uploads new testing footage almost every week, including a shot of a jetpack pilot landing on a moving truck, but the company is so confident that they're starting to give the press members access to the suits. In the Hacksmith's latest video, the YouTuber seemingly picked up the basics of the flight suit relatively quickly, and Gravity mentioned that they already have a cheaper, 3D printed jet suit in testing. Thanks to CaptNumbNutz for the tip.

FLYING LIKE IRON MAN RETURNS! Gravity Industries & Richard Browning have successfully flown like Iron Man with their custom jet suit that uses kerosene jet engines! I flew (punny!) down to California to meet them and try out the jet suit for myself! Stay tuned for the next video where we turn his system into a true Iron Man suit, complete with a metal iron man helmet!

Posted by alphaatlas March 11, 2019 10:11 AM (CDT)

Nanoparticle Experiment: Humans Could Get X-Men "Super Vision" to See in the Dark

Chinese and US scientists have performed a successful experiment giving mice the ability to see infrared light after injecting them with nanoparticles, and they suggest human vision could be modified in the same way, allowing people to detect a wider spectrum of colors. "Current infrared technology allows the user to see heat emitted from animals, but its effectiveness is hampered by bulky batteries and interference from visible light."

Lead researcher Dr Tian Xue said the applications include military use and could be adapted to treat people who are colour blind and can’t detect red. "We believe this technology will also work in human eyes, not only for generating super vision but also for therapeutic solutions in human red colour vision deficits," said Dr Xue. "This is an exciting subject because the technology we made possible here could eventually enable human beings to see beyond our natural capabilities."

Posted by Megalith March 03, 2019 11:40 AM (CST)

Watch Robots and Humans Work Together to Create the 2019 Ford Ranger

Cars BOOM on YouTube has released a video documenting 2019 Ford Ranger production at its Michigan assembly plant. Watch man and machine work together to create vehicles for this iconic American brand.

Ranger production is underway at Michigan Assembly Plant. The truck arrives at dealers nationwide starting in January.

Posted by cageymaru January 31, 2019 6:16 AM (CST)

Robots Command Humans to Cleanup Spills in Grocery Stores

Lidar equipped robots called "Marty" from Ahold Delhaize are now being deployed in the USA to count inventory, detect spills and summon human employees over to clean up the mess. These autonomous robots are equipped with 8 cameras and are monitored by employees in foreign countries who will verify a spill before allowing the robot to alert store employees over a loudspeaker. Giant/Martin's and Stop & Shop brands are rolling them out in addition to Food Lion, and Hannaford. Walmart and Schnucks are using robots to count inventory.

A robot observed Tuesday at a Stop & Shop store in Seekonk, Massachusetts, alerted store associates to a price tag that had fallen in one aisle, and a tiny sprig of herbs in another. After moving along for a few minutes, it returned to the scene of each spill and waited until an employee pushed a button to acknowledge that the debris was picked up. A union that represents Giant and Stop & Shop workers says it's keeping an eye on Marty.

Posted by cageymaru January 15, 2019 6:42 PM (CST)

New Dragon Age Game is Far Away, but an Announcement is Imminent

Following a tease last week, the Dragon Age rumor mill has been ramping up. Some are speculating that new Dragon Age game announcement is coming at this week's Game Awards, and yesterday, Eurogamer seemingly confirmed the rumor with their anonymous sources. Unfortunately, VentureBeat reports that the game's actual release is a long way away. According to their sources, "Dragon Age 4 - or whatever name it'll carry - is at least three years away," and development has barely even started.

The game has spent more than a year in limbo at EA. In January, I reported that BioWare pushed aside Dragon Age to focus on Anthem. The studio started pre-production on a new Dragon Age, but EA threw out most of that work. At that time, the publisher was shifting its games to live services. That Dragon Age project wasn't going to fit into that business model. As a result of that reboot, Dragon Age writer Mike Laidlaw - who had an outline prepared for the new game - left BioWare.

Posted by alphaatlas December 05, 2018 10:33 AM (CST)

Nvidia Uses Neural Network to Render 3D Environments

Nvidia claims they've developed software that can take a series of input videos, and generate a unique, but visually similar 3D representation of that world depicted in them. While Unreal Engine 4 is used somewhere in the process, the heart of the software is a neural network that can extract a "high-level descriptions of a scene" from footage and fill in the details. The company created a demo out of city driving footage, and claims it "allows attendees to navigate a virtual urban environment that is being rendered by this neural network." Check out the rendering tech in the video below:

This AI breakthrough will allow developers and artists to create new interactive 3D virtual worlds for automotive, gaming or virtual reality by training models on videos from the real world. This will lower the cost and time it takes to create virtual worlds. The work was developed by a team of NVIDIA researchers led by Bryan Catanzaro, Vice President of Applied Deep Learning at NVIDIA... For training, the team used NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs on a DGX-1 with the cuDNN-accelerated PyTorch deep learning framework, and thousands of videos from the Cityscapes, and Apolloscapes datasets.

Posted by alphaatlas December 03, 2018 8:21 AM (CST)

No Man's Sky Visions Trailer

Here is the trailer for No Man's Sky Visions which launches with game version 1.75. The patch notes for the update are found at the bottom of the page in the link.

Discover a more varied, more diverse universe in the Visions update. Introducing new environmental biomes, new planet types, more colourful worlds, new fauna and flora, archaeology, salvaging, and much more.

Posted by cageymaru November 21, 2018 9:20 AM (CST)

Samsung Is Bringing the Linux Environment to Smartphones

Samsung is launching a Linux on DeX beta for certain Samsung smartphones. The Note9 and Tab S4 are the first phones that Samsung has officially sanctioned to be allowed to run a Linux environment and connect to a monitor with a single cable for a PC-like experience. This will allow users to bring their PC anywhere their Samsung smartphone can fit. There are certain limitations to the program at this time. Only the Note9 and Tab S4 are supported and Ubuntu 16.04. There is wording that alludes to unsupported distros.

Apps and programs should be built for ARM 64-bit. At least 8GB storage and 4GB RAM is required in your device for downloading a Linux image. Linux on DeX runs only on Samsung DeX and you may need peripherals such as monitor, keyboard and mouse to have a full experience. Terminal mode can be run outside of Samsung DeX mode. Only use authorized images provided directly through Linux on DeX. Other versions or unauthorized images may not operate properly.

Posted by cageymaru November 09, 2018 10:09 AM (CST)

Amazon Posts Environmental Footage from Their MMO

Tech giant Amazon has their fingers in a lot of pies, and now they want to make their own games. The company bought Double Helix back in 2014, and after posting some screenshots earlier this year, Amazon Games Studios uploaded some environmental footage of an MMO called "New Worlds". According to PCGamer, the game will utilize Amazon's massive AWS backend to host thousands of players at once. Amazon has a habit of going big whenever they enter a new market, so even if MMOs or battle royale games aren't your thing, Amazon's entry could have a significant impact on the rest of the gaming industry.

Welcome to Windsward, a region of New World composed mostly of grasslands and forests that are packed with harvestable resources. Sign up for Alpha at

Posted by alphaatlas October 17, 2018 12:15 PM (CDT)

Netflix Knocks Out Marvel's "Iron Fist"

In a surprise for a brand that seemed too popular to fail, Netflix has canceled Marvel’s "Iron Fist," leaving the second season’s cliffhanger a permanent one. The show has been criticized for many reasons, such as uninspired fight scenes, which was inexcusable for a martial arts series. Those who did manage to enjoy "Iron Fist" believe the show could be revived on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

"Marvel’s Iron Fist will not return for a third season on Netflix," said the Disney-owned comic giant and the streamer in a joint statement to Deadline today. "Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is proud of the series and grateful for all of the hard work from our incredible cast, crew and showrunners," Marvel and Netflix added. "We’re thankful to the fans who have watched these two seasons, and for the partnership we’ve shared on this series."

Posted by Megalith October 13, 2018 12:35 PM (CDT)