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AMD Sues Mediatek for GPU, APU Patent Infringement

AMD is suing MediaTek, alleging the Taiwanese company infringed on two patents related to GPUs and APUS used in TVs and smart devices. "AMD's looking for cash compensation for past, continuing and future infringement, along with a court order to block future infringement."

This lawsuit follows a complaint AMD filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in 2017 against MediaTek, Sigma Designs, and other companies. AMD's complaints are the same as they are now: companies violated several patents related to its graphics technologies in their quests to offer cheap-but-good TVs. The ITC decided in AMD's favor in August 2018, giving the company the legal backing it needed to file a suit like this one.

Posted by Megalith January 13, 2019 3:15 PM (CST)

AMD on Ray Tracing, NVIDIA Embracing FreeSync: "No Benefit Today," "We Were Right"

AMD CEO Lisa Su participated in a roundtable Q&A after her CES keynote, touching upon ray tracing and NVIDIA’s support for Adaptive Sync. For ray tracing, Su said AMD is "deep into development" but doesn’t feel the need to hype it up yet: "The consumer doesn’t see a lot of benefit today because the other parts of the ecosystem are not ready." She also said NVIDIA proved FreeSync was "the right answer for a couple of years" following their adoption of Adaptive Sync.

Look, we knew FreeSync was the right answer. We’ve known FreeSync was the right answer for a couple of years. The fact that others have decided that FreeSync is the right answer, I think, says that we made the right choice a few years ago. We believe in open standard. You know, we believe in open ecosystems. That’s been a mantra. So we have no issue with our competitors about FreeSync.

Posted by Megalith January 13, 2019 12:25 PM (CST)

AMD Cinebench Benchmark Demo at CES 2019 Buries the Current Intel Lineup

AdoredTV on YouTube analyzes what was actually shown in the AMD Ryzen Zen 2 vs Intel Core i9-9900K demonstration at CES 2019. He explains what the numbers mean, how AMD derived them, and why the AMD Zen 2 7nm chip that defeated the cream of the crop from Intel was actually just a lower-midrange model. Last of all, AdoredTV discusses how the Ryzen 5 pulled off this feat while using only half the power of the Intel offering.

Intel gets rekt by lower-midrange Ryzen 5.

Posted by cageymaru January 11, 2019 7:41 PM (CST)

AMD Confirms Refreshed Radeon Product Stack for 2019

In an interview with The Street, AMD CTO Mark Papermaster more or less confirmed that they will refresh AMD's GPU lineup in 2019. More specifically, he said "we'll round out the Radeon roadmap," and claimed they will "refresh" GPUs across the roadmap, but he fell short of giving any specifics about the GPUs themselves, such as what architecture they'll use or what process they're fabricated on. He also mentioned that the CPU die Lisa Su showed off in 3rd generation Ryzen is indeed the same CPU die AMD uses in their 7nm Epyc server CPUs. Check out the interview below:

"What we do over the course of the year is what we do every year. We'll round out the whole roadmap," Papermaster said about AMD's 2019 plans for its 7nm GPU lineup. "We're really excited to start on the'll see the announcements over the course of the year as we round out our Radeon roadmap."

Posted by alphaatlas January 11, 2019 9:15 AM (CST)

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.1.1 Driver Has Been Released

The AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.1.1 driver has been released and it increases performance in Fortnite by up to 4%. It fixes many issues such as: Virtual Super Resolution may not show up as available on some 1440p Ultra-Wide Displays. Some Radeon RX Series graphics products may experience system lag when Alt+Tab is used during gameplay. Radeon Settings Advisor may incorrectly suggest older versions of Radeon Software as an update. Application profile settings for Radeon WattMan may not reset to default correctly when using the reset button. Screen tearing may be observed with Enhanced Sync enabled on Vulkan API games. Custom color profile options may fail to retain in game on clone or Eyefinity display setups. Zero RPM control may fail to enable correctly when toggled on/off in Radeon Settings. There are more fixes outlined in the article.

Known Issues Battlefield V players may experience character outlines stuck on screen after being revived. Uninstalling Radeon Software may fail to remove Radeon Settings. Pixel Format settings may not retain after system restart. HDMI Underscan settings may not retain after system restart. Radeon Overlay's new in overlay video player may experience smoothness issues while adjusting the playback slider. Scene Editor may have issues with scrolling when many elements are added to a scene. Custom settings in Radeon WattMan may sometimes fail to apply on Radeon RX Vega series graphics products.

Posted by cageymaru January 11, 2019 8:12 AM (CST)

AMD Is Developing a DXR Capable GPU and More Third Generation AMD Ryzen News

During an interview with Mark Hachman of PCWorld, AMD president and CEO Dr. Lisa Su acknowledged AMD is "deep in development" of a GPU with real-time ray tracing (DXR) capabilities. She explained that building a development ecosystem was important as "development is concurrent between hardware and software." "The consumer doesn't see a lot of benefit today because the other parts of the ecosystem are not ready," she said. On the subject of the upcoming 3rd generation Ryzen processor, she explained that the demo was at CES 2019 was done with an 8C/16T AMD Ryzen part to create parity in core count with the Intel Core i9-9900K. She elaborated with this statement, "If you look at the evolution of Ryzen, we've always had an advantage in core count." While acknowledging that some in the room had noticed the extra space on the package, she said, "There is some extra room on that package and I think you might expect we will have more than eight cores."

"I think ray tracing is an important technology, and it's something we're working on as well, both from a hardware and software standpoint," Su said. "The most important thing, and that's why we talk so much about the development community, is technology for technology's sake is okay, but technology done together with partners who are fully engaged is really important."

Posted by cageymaru January 10, 2019 1:29 PM (CST)

Here are AMD's Radeon VII Benchmarks

AMD announced their Radeon VII card yesterday, and made some interesting performance claims to go with it. AMD says their 7nm Vega Radeon is at least 25% faster than Vega 64, and showed a few benchmarks with even higher gains during their CES presentation. But, in footnotes buried in their presentation and their press release, AMD spelled out the testing methods behind those claims. On January 3rd, AMD benched Vega 64 and Radeon VII on an Intel i7 7700K rig with 16GB of 3000Mhz DDR4. They didn't mention the motherboard or any other hardware specifics, but they did say they used "AMD Driver 18.50" and Windows 10. All the games they tested were run at "4K Max Settings," and they took the average framerate of 3 separate runs to get an average FPS measurement for each game. I've tabulated the benchmark data below (click for a larger image):
Most games do indeed show a 25% percent gain or better, but there are clear outliers in the data. Performance in Fallout 76, for example, seems to have increased a whopping 68%. Strange Brigade saw a similarly disproportional 42% increase, while Hitman 2 only ran about 7% faster. The Strange Brigade data is particularly interesting, as that was the game AMD seemingly used to compare performance to Nvidia's RTX 2080. Using what appears to be the same test setup as above, AMD claims Strange Brigade ran at 73 fps on a RTX 2080, compared to 61 FPS on Vega 64 and 87 FPS on Radeon VII. Regardless, benchmarks from manufacturers have to be taken with a grain of salt, and as AMD mentions, performance on pre-release drivers can be sketchy anyway. We'll be sure to verify some of AMD's claims ourselves soon. Discussion
Posted by alphaatlas January 10, 2019 10:29 AM (CST)

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Dismisses the Radeon VII as "Underwhelming"

At CES 2019, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang held back no punches when voicing his opinion of the Radeon VII. When interviewed by Gordon Mah Ung of PCWorld, he called the Radeon VII "underwhelming." He said, "'The performance is lousy and there's nothing new." "[There's] no ray tracing, no AI. It's 7nm with HBM memory that barely keeps up with a 2080. And if we turn on DLSS we'll crush it. And if we turn on ray tracing we'll crush it.'" He even suggested that AMD thought of the launch this morning. Jensen Huang went on trash FreeSync as competition to G-SYNC by stating, "'(FreeSync) was never proven to work. As you know, we invented the area of adaptive sync. The truth is most of the FreeSync monitors do not work. They do not even work with AMD's graphics cards.'" On the subject of RTX pricing criticisms, he admitted to mistakes in rushing the first cards to market, but all has been rectified with the $350 RTX 2060 release. He went on to completely dismiss Intel's graphics team as "basically AMD right?" There are plenty more juicy quotes direct from the mouth of NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang in the article!

When can streaming be as good as a gaming PC? The answer is never," he said. The problem is simply physics and the speed of light. Streaming gaming can never match a graphics card in a box in terms of latency and image quality. But, he said, that doesn't mean game streaming isn't viable; it's just that the needs an enthusiast gamer don't match that of a casual gamer.

Posted by cageymaru January 09, 2019 5:57 PM (CST)

Here Is the Official "AMD Radeon VII: World's First 7nm Gaming GPU" Reveal Trailer

Here is the official AMD Radeon VII reveal trailer. The AMD Radeon VII is the world's first 7 nm gaming GPU. It has 3840 stream processors, 16 GB of HBM memory, 1 TB/s memory bandwidth, and features AMD FreeSync 2 HDR technology. Some details mentioned during AMD president and CEO Dr. Lisa Su's keynote speech include 60 compute units that run at up to 1.8 GHz, 4K max settings gaming, a $699 SEP (suggested etail price) and a February 7, 2019 launch date.

AMD Radeon VII graphics brings maximum performance for hardcore enthusiast gamers, delivering incredible, ultra-smooth gaming experiences at consistently high FPS, in 1440p, ultrawide and 4K resolutions. Dominate your games and shatter records with the world's first 7nm gaming GPU, future-ready and built to meet the demands of high-performance gameplay.

Posted by cageymaru January 09, 2019 1:19 PM (CST)

AMD Previews 7nm Ryzen CPUs at CES

At their 2019 CES keynote, AMD's CEO Lisa Su revealed a new generation of Ryzen processors built on TSMC's 7nm process. First, AMD demo'd an "early version" of the upcoming processor on Forza 4, and AMD claims it consistently ran the game at over 100 FPS. Then, they pitted the 8 core, 16 thread processor against a Core i9-9900k in Cinebench. The 3rd gen Ryzen processor managed to hit a slightly higher Cinebench score while only consuming about 133 watts on average, while the 9900K ate over 179 Watts running the same workload.
Like AMD's 7nm Epyc processors, 3rd gen Ryzen uses a multi-chip design. Lisa mentioned that the I/O die is actually the larger of the 2 dies on the chip she held up, and I would bet it's fabricated on a node larger than 7nm. 3rd gen Ryzen will allegedly be the first PC platform to support PCIe 4.0, but it will still run on existing AM4 motherboards, as previously promised. AMD says 3rd gen Ryzen will launch "in the middle of 2019," and that more details will come as the launch date gets closer. Discussion
Posted by alphaatlas January 09, 2019 12:33 PM (CST)

Radeon 7 Goes on Sale February 7

AMD just announced the Radeon 7 GPU at their CES keynote. This is presumably the gaming-oriented variant of their previously announced Vega datacenter GPU, and it will be built on Taiwan Semiconductor's 7nm process. The Radeon 7 GPU sports 60 Compute Units that run at up to 1.8Ghz, and also features 16GB of HBM memory with around 1TB/sec of bandwidth. AMD demo'd the GPU running The Division 2 at 4K settings, and also posted some impressive benchmarks of productivity workloads.
AMD claims that they can get 25% more performance in the same power envelope with this architecture, while some games get even larger performance improvements over Vega 64. The new GPU's performance seems to be par with a Nvidia RTX 2080, while the $699 MSRP is slightly below the street price the 2080. AMD says the card will go on sale February 7, and will come bundled with Devil May Cry 2, The Division 2 and Resident Evil 2 for a limited time. Discussion
Posted by alphaatlas January 09, 2019 12:09 PM (CST)

Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

AMD's CES keynote is scheduled to begin and 11AM Central Time. Previous rumors suggest that we could see the launch of some 7nm products at the event, and we'll find out if those rumors hold any weight soon. Check out the live stream below:

Watch AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su's keynote at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Posted by alphaatlas January 09, 2019 9:04 AM (CST)