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Wednesday May 23, 2018

Poohskyy & [H] in the Swamps of Hunt Showdown

Poohskyy and Kyle will be tromping through Hunt Showdown swamps tonight! If you ever wanted to see what a 240lbs backpack looks like, just watch Poohskyy carry me! If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can link that your Twitch account, and use it to subscribe to your favorite streamer. Get in chat and help berate both of them. HS Discussion.
Watch live video from Poohskyy on
Posted by Kyle 6:53 PM (CDT)

Deadpool Viewed on Facebook Over 6M Times

So this guy uploads the Deadpool movie to his Facebook account, and now faces a one year prison sentence. Fair deal, uploading a movie on a public social account during its premiere week is a stupid thing to do. But isn't the real story here that Facebook left it on their pages long enough for it to be viewed 6,386,456 times? It would seem to be that Facebook is just as at fault here as is 22 year old Trevon Franklin, that should have known better. Facebook hosting free movies is cool, but Trevon gets stuck in the pokey. This just does not feel right.

"Between February 20 and 22, 2016, while Deadpool was still in theaters and had not yet been made available for purchase by the public for home viewing, the copy of Deadpool defendant posted to his Facebook page had been viewed over 6,386,456 times," the paperwork reads.

Discussion Posted by Kyle 5:44 PM (CDT)

Kaby Lake G Chromebook in Development

in a report from XDA Developers, a new board is in development on the CHromium Git, codenamed "Kidd." "Kidd" is a Chromebook that wil be featuring a Kaby Lake G processor. Since it's announcement in January, not many devices have showed up on market with the Intel processor with onboard Radeon graphics.
If pricing is there I'll be in for one for sure, especially if you can install Windows on it.

Historically, the case for high specs on a Chromebook didn’t exist for the majority of consumers. Now, with Linux apps released for Chrome OS, people can install full desktop Steam onto their devices (Pixelbooks only for now). GPU acceleration has not been ironed out by the Chrome developers yet, so the experience of playing games is pretty poor.

Discussion Posted by rgmekanic 5:39 PM (CDT)

Defective Apple Keyboards Draw Another Lawsuit

MacBook and MacBook Pro models have come under heavy scrutiny lately for being a huge dumpster fire when it comes to the keyboard. Apparently these hipster ghoombahs using these Macs are getting gluten free crumbs all under the keys on the keyboard rendering them useless. Maybe they should ask mommy to come clean it for them? JK! However, this is not a laughing matter as the second class action lawsuit has been filed over this issue.

Like the first lawsuit last week, this complaint alleges that small amounts of dust or debris accumulating on 2015-and-later MacBook and 2016-and-later MacBook Pro keyboards can render the butterfly switch mechanism underneath individual keys non-functional, according to court documents obtained by MacRumors.

Discussion Posted by Kyle 5:25 PM (CDT)

Samsung Updates 2018 TVs with FreeSync Support

PCPer is reporting that Samsung has released a firmware update 1103 for 2018 QLED TVs, bringing them FreeSync support. FreeSync support has been enabled on the Q6FN, Q7FN, Q8FN, Q9FN, and NU8000 sets. PCPer notes that the 55" Samsung Q7F TV can be had right now for around $1700, which is $300 less than the 27" Acer X27 G-SYNC HDR display.
Outstanding stuff, especially with FreeSync being available on Xbox One, can't wait to see more come out.

If you happen to own one of these compatible TVs, you can find the firmware to enable FreeSync on Samsung's support page for your given model. For the rest of us, we'll be waiting for reputable outlets like Rtings to conduct their standard through testing of this new feature!

Discussion Posted by rgmekanic 3:23 PM (CDT)

SHOCKER - Coinhive URL Shortener Used for Crypto Mining Attacks

Security researches at Securi have identified hundreds of websites that have been utilizing the Coinhive URL shortener to mine cryptocurrency on unsuspecting user devices. What is the Coinhive URL shortener? I'm glad you asked. Coinhive describes it as this: "If you have an URL you’d like to forward your users to, you can create a shortlink to it. The user has to solves[sic] a number of hashes (adjustable by you) and is automatically forwarded to the target URL afterwards."
In the URL shortener's intended form, end users would then be presented with a progress bar showing that Coinhive is now solving hashes on their device. The plot thickens. Some denizens of cyberspace with less than scrupulous intentions (certain website owners / cyber criminals) have found a way to load the progress bar in an IFrame that sports an area of 1 pixel by 1 pixel with zero interaction from the end user. Essentially, the IFrame loads as a 1x1 pixel, no one sees the notification, resource usage jumps to 100%, and BAM! Someone else is making money at your expense. A list of some of the websites identified can be found here. Thanks to SCHTASK for the link and the story. Discussion Posted by Kyle 2:25 PM (CDT)

Battlefield V Live Reveal @ 3PMCDT

DSOG has a little insight to the new Battlefield V that will be set in World War 2. What an original concept! Live reveal below.

The game will feature a single-player campaign in the form of War Stories. As such, gamers will play different characters in multiple stories. Furthermore, DICE has promised that there will be various gameplay changes. Last but not least, there was a report about DICE experimenting with a battle-royale mode. Although we don’t know yet whether the game will ship with such a mode, there is high probability that it will come after the game’s release!

Discussion Posted by Kyle 2:03 PM (CDT)

Twitter Ads New Political Candidate Labels

Twitter is adding labels to political candidates accounts in order for those to be properly identified from fake and parody accounts that are often seen. Seems like a good move to us.

Both the candidate’s account and the tweets from it will get labels. The labels will appear on retweets as well as tweets off of Twitter, such as when they are embedded in a news story.

Discussion Posted by Kyle 12:21 PM (CDT)

Driverless Cars Can't Change Lanes

Did you know that driverless cars have issues changing lanes? It seems to come down to the fact that everyone else is driving like an asshole, but the driverless cars are not. Solution? Make driverless cars drive more like assholes. Problem solved. MIT News discusses how driverless cars need to do more with as little information as possible...just like most humans drivers do.

The problem is that if traffic is fast enough and dense enough, precomputed buffer zones may be too restrictive. An autonomous vehicle will fail to change lanes at all, whereas a human driver would cheerfully zip around the roadway. With the MIT researchers’ system, if the default buffer zones are leading to performance that’s far worse than a human driver’s, the system will compute new buffer zones on the fly — complete with proof of collision avoidance.

Discussion Posted by Kyle 11:02 AM (CDT)

Amazon Working on New Body Shaming Technology

If you just thought you were fat and ugly, wait till Amazon is working on showing you just how fat and ugly you really are so that it can sell you more clothes. The kids over at The Conversation are very worried about what happens to you when you see a 3D body scan of yourself. It is going to make you feel sadder and worse about your appearance. Of course they are assuming that you were sad about it in the first place. On the upside, tubetop sales in the deep south have fallen to all time lows. In other news, mirrors are under heavy scrutiny as well and Scotland Yard is rumored to be looking at breaking all of those in Britain under new hate speech laws. Yes folks, truth is stranger than fiction nowadays.

Amazon is reportedly looking for people who are willing to have their bodies scanned in 3D in order to track and measure subtle changes in their sizes and shapes. It’s part of the company’s broader push to sell more clothes by more accurately predicting how garments will fit different body shapes. But Amazon may not be considering the psychological effects 3D body scans can have on consumers.

Discussion Posted by Kyle 10:52 AM (CDT)

Electric Scooters Pissing Off San Francisco

We reported yesterday on "Bird Hunters" and how they were cashing in collecting these ride-share electric scooters every night. It seems as though there is a dirtier side to the electric scooter rental market. According to Vice News, three of these scooter companies just "dumped" these into several California cities with no regard to local laws that may or may not impact the companies. And some folks are upset about it as well! Ride-share bikes have come under fire as well for being left by their riders just about everywhere, causing plenty of issues. Cities such as Dallas have demanded they clean up their business model, or Dallas would throw their bikes away.

Inspired by Uber and Lyft — and even hiring some of the rideshares’ executives — a handful of companies are scattering electric scooter across cities first, then waiting for the law to deal with them.

Discussion Posted by Kyle 9:14 AM (CDT)

Tesla Model 3 Outsells BMW and Mercedes Models

Folks in California are going all in for Tesla's Model 3 in a big way. Out west, the Model 3 is outselling the Mercedes C-class and BMW 3-series cars. I know that personally the last time I went to buy a family vehicle I did give Tesla a look, but given road trips here in Texas can cover quite a long distance, the "limited" mileage per charge kept me away. Once we have an electric car that can make it from Dallas to Houston in a single charge, you will likely find one in my garage as well.

During the first quarter, production was still fairly limited, but deliveries were mostly concentrated in California and it was enough for Tesla to take the top position. According to the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA), 3,723 Model 3 vehicles were registered between January and March, which pushed the vehicle to the top of what they refer to as the ‘near luxury’ segment:

Discussion Posted by Kyle 9:03 AM (CDT)

Roomba Weed Killing Robots

MIT Technology Review is pointing out that this weed killing robot could put a big dent in the revenue of the $26B herbicide market. It is quite simple. Instead of spraying entire fields with herbicides, this robot goes out and finds the offending weeds in the grow fields and only uses the herbicide exactly where needed. The version below is identifying the weeds for extermination by larger tractors that would then go treat the targeted areas. This technology could bring down the usage of herbicides on our foods in such cases by a factor of 20. Wow!

The industry impact: The use of these weed killers isn’t far off. John Deere got in on the tech last year, acquiring the precision spraying startup Blue River, meaning its tractors could be outfitted with weed targeters very soon. Large agrochemical companies are desperately trying to acquire businesses working on similar technologies, in preparation for a decline in demand for their chemicals.

Discussion Posted by Kyle 8:31 AM (CDT)
Tuesday May 22, 2018

Logitech G513 Carbon Mechanical Keyboard Reviewed

Ryan Shrout over at PC Perspective are taking the new Logitech G513 Carbon mechanical gaming keyboard for a spin. The G513 Carbon has exclusive linear Romer-G switches, and in my opinion, some very good looks. Oh and of course all the RGB frag harder disco lights one can stuff into a keyboard. But is it worth $150?

Finally, we come to the big selling point of the G513 Carbon, the new Romer-G linear switches. These switches carry through all of the positive qualities of the tactile switch, sans the "bump" indicating when you’ve triggered a character. This includes the higher actuation point and shorter overall travel distance of 1.5mm and 3.2mm respectively, as well as the 45g of pressure required to actuate (for those keeping score, that’s 25% faster actuations than a standard MX-style switch). Compared to the prior generation of Romer-Gs, this puts them much closer to a standard Cherry MX Red - or even better, Cherry MX Silent Red.

Discussion Posted by rgmekanic 8:24 PM (CDT)

Speculative Store Bypass in 3 Minutes

The folks over at Red Hat Videos has released a 3 minute video explaining what the Speculative Store Bypass vulnerability is, and how users can use it to steal personal data.
Impressive that only about 24 hours after this new vulnerability was made public we have a high-quality video explaining it. I tip my fedora to Red Hat.

Speculative Store Buffer Bypass is a security vulnerability that allows unauthorized users to steal sensitive information through websites. Similar to the Spectre and Meltdown threats in early 2018, it exploits speculative execution--a process most computers use to speed up routine tasks.

Ongoing Discussion Posted by rgmekanic 6:34 PM (CDT)

Streaming Service Subscribers Significantly Satisfied

A report today from PR Newswire shows that video streaming services are absolutely crushing subscription TV service in customer satisfaction. The American Customer Satisfaction Index 2018 Telecommunications Report shows subscription television service satisfaction down 3.1% to a score of 62, while in their first year of being counted, video streaming has a satisfaction score of 75, with Netflix, Aone Playstation Vue, and Twitch in a 3-way tie with 78 points.
Can't say I'm surprised at all. I pay an ever increasing amount for an ever decreasing amount of compelling content where you're lucky if you get 20 minutes out of a 30 minute show once you account for all the commercials. I'd say if subscription TV wants to slow this downward slide, more of them incorporate the cutting down of ads as some networks have.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has been a national economic indicator for almost 25 years. It measures and analyzes customer satisfaction with more than 380 companies in 46 industries and 10 economic sectors, including various services of federal and local government agencies. Reported on a scale of 0 to 100, ACSI scores are based on data from interviews with roughly 250,000 customers annually. For more information, visit

Discussion Posted by rgmekanic 5:37 PM (CDT)

Pentagon Cracks Down on Cell Phones

In a report from the Associated Press, the Defense Department has approved new restrictions on electronic devices within the Pentagon. The memo, signed by Deputy Secretary Patrick Shanahan, primarily clarifies current procedures, procedures that state that phones be left in storage containers outside of secure areas, but instead of an outright ban, it dies state that cell phones can still be used in common areas, and other Pentagon offices where classified information is not present. The memo covers "laptops, tablets, cellular phones, smartwatches, and other devices" that are portable, can wirelessly transmit information and have "a self-contained power source." An interesting thing is what caused the Defense Department to review the policies. In January we reported how fitness-tracking app Strava was inadvertently disclosing the location and layout of military installations from soldiers using fitness trackers. Strava's global heat map showed scattered activity in war zones, suggesting that they could pinpoint military or government personnel.
I'm honestly surprised that these policies were not more heavily enforced prior to a fitness tracking app showing that an always on GPS enabled microphone with a high speed cellular internet connection being in a classified area may be a bad idea. I believe an outright ban would have been a better idea.

"In this day and age, with the level of threat-based technologies, most of those devices should never get anywhere near a classified workspace," Garry Reid, the Pentagon’s director for defense intelligence, told The Associated Press in an interview. "We know that mobile wireless devices have recording capabilities and cameras and it’s not appropriate for those to be in secure workspaces. So we have to put control procedures in place."

Discussion Posted by rgmekanic 3:24 PM (CDT)

Just a Reminder - Free Unreal Gold

As we mentioned this morning (and check out the cool video below), Unreal Gold is now free on Steam in celebration of Unreal's 20th anniversary. Oh the carnage....after multiple security breaches have been detected.
Ongoing Discussion Posted by Kyle 1:03 PM (CDT)

Monoprice Take 20% Off Almost Everything

Monoprice is having a huge 20% off almost everything sale if you use promo code, "MAY22" today only. Sound off and let us know what "almost" you always do. Posted by Kyle 11:47 AM (CDT)

Mark Zuckerberg's European Parliament Live Stream

Let's what script the Zuck reads off of today with European Parliament officials. This is scheduled to start at 11:20am CDT.
Our favorite quote so far...."a digital monster that is destroying our society." This is going south very quickly. Discussion Posted by Kyle 11:00 AM (CDT)

Amazon Pushes Facial Recognition Tech out to Law Enforcement

Mass surveillance and identification is on its way somewhere near to you soon in the form of Amazon Rekognition. We already know that there are cameras hung on the corner of every building and street post throughout the world. Amazon Rekognition gives law enforcement to take that visual data and match it up to the individual in question. Surely there are some great benefits when utilized in hunting down those responsible for crimes, but we all know that is a slippery slope. The New York Times has an article on this that is worth a read. (Archive here.)

Not long after, it began pitching the technology to law enforcement agencies, saying the program could aid criminal investigations by recognizing suspects in photos and videos. It used a couple of early customers, like the Orlando Police Department in Florida and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon, to encourage other officials to sign up.

Discussion Posted by Kyle 10:40 AM (CDT)

April's Fool Joke Turns Real for Weaponized Kitties

Not a tech related story, but all of geeks have a culture that waits for internet April Fool's jokes. Badai joked back in April that it would release a line of weaponized cat figures. It seems that there has been enough support to make this become a reality. What netizens don't like cats and guns? These are to be released in August and we look forward to many pictures in the forums of your system setups with one of these sitting near.
Discussion Posted by Kyle 10:18 AM (CDT)

Unreal is 20 Years Old

Can you believe that Unreal is 20 years old? Steam will have a FREE Unreal Gold Edition for a limited time starting at Noon CDT. While you may not be aware of this, HardOCP's original content was published 20 years ago as well, and the title of our page was "The Unreal Framerate Page." Our work with overclocking CPUs of the day and getting those to run as fast as the then fastest and most expensive Intel CPUs was picked up by Voodoo Extreme and Blue's News, and from then it all just snowballed. Fun times for sure. We imagine that the video below will bring back a lot of memories.

There's no video I could make to truly do a game like Unreal justice, as there is just far too much, too much that makes this game as special as it is, if I were to show everything, every amazing landscape, every unique creature, every cool experience and moment that Unreal has given throughout the years, this video would be hours and hours long and go on forever. What you see here is a fraction, a glimpse, of the amazing game that this is, and I hope to show people where Unreal all began.

Discussion Posted by Kyle 9:56 AM (CDT)

EK Fluid Gaming Systems

EK, a once heralded name in the enthusiast water cool world, has come under a lot of fire in the recent years for shoddy build quality, and even we have put the spotlight on some of its underperforming and overpriced cooling components. To its credit, it did apologize for that product, and gave you a $25 EK coupon when buying your next EK cooler. While many have come to shun the company, it is branching into an entirely new customer base, fully built custom cooled PCs for those of us here in the USA, and started shipping this month. No matter your thoughts on EK, these dual radiator configurations will certainly catch a lot of folks' eyes. This is likely a good business model for EK as it brings it to a market that would previously had no exposure to its brand. Thanks @cageymaru.

A purebred liquid cooled PC, built only for one purpose. GAMING! Waste no time on fiddling with hardware and liquid cooling parts, and jump right into gaming! A true plug-and-play PC fitted with custom liquid cooling grade parts, allows maximum hardware exploitation and a low noise gaming environment.

Discussion Posted by Kyle 8:45 AM (CDT)

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