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Goodbye HardOCP - Hello Intel
We have some big changes happening here at HardOCP. Kyle Bennett will be taking on new challenges very soon with Intel working as its Director of Enthusiast Engagement.
The HardOCP CPU HSF/AIO Cooler Review Platform
We are once again updating our CPU Heatsink and All-in-One CPU cooler (HSF/AIO) testing platform. We are also changing up some of the review procedures in order to give our readers a better real-world review of how these coolers compare in real-world environments. How coolers act on an open test bench and in your case can be very different.
AMD [H]ard|OCP FX GamExperience
We recently put on the third "GamExperience" here in Dallas, TX! We invited 600 of our closest friends and 20 companies that crank out some of the best computer hardware in the world and put them all in one room together for some gaming and geek talk. And yeah, free stuff too, about $50,000 worth!
HardOCP Readers Ask AMD Bulldozer Questions
AMD came to HardOCP after the lackluster Bulldozer desktop launch and wanted to reach out to the hardware enthusiast community by answering questions that many of us had. We posted a HardForum thread and allowed [H] readers to ask their questions. AMD culled through the questions and AMD staffers answered 10 of the questions.
AMD [H]ardOCP Texas GamExperience
AMD and HardOCP got together this past weekend in Dallas to put together an event that was focused on giving back to the enthusiast computer hardware community that has given so much to us.
[H]ard|OCP 2000 Q3-05
We recently took a $2000 budget and applied it to four different build scenarios. In the end, we came up with two full systems and two upgrades with components available from Newegg to satisfy almost any need.
[H]ard|OCP 1500 Q2-05
We take $1500, pull out all the stops, and put together two systems. First, we build a full system for those needing a complete replacement, and second, we offer an upgrade system for those with a donor. Let’s see how our two distinctly different guides turned out.
[H]ard|OCP 1000 Q2-05
Is your computer’s gaming ability not quite what you would like? In this HardOCP System Upgrade guide we take a $1000, spend it at Newegg, and build a SLI ready gaming computer that will make you proud. And give you lots of room to upgrade.
[H]ard|OCP System Evaluations
Soon HardOCP will be featuring full desktop computer system evaluations. We are doing this because we see an end user need that we want to fill and we wanted to fill that need in our own way. We will of course not be following the cookie cutter review system that most of the rest of the industry finds valuable. Please allow us to share our philosophy with you.
[H]ard|OCP 500 Q2-05
It’s time again for us to throw in our suggestions for a system upgrade. Today we are going to cover the more budget-minded upgrade. Let’s see how far we can stretch $500 at Newegg.
[H]ard|OCP Unlimited System Guide - Q404
In the spirit of the HardOCP-500, we now move to the other end of the spectrum with the HardOCP-Unlimited System Guide. Maybe a few of us will be lucky enough to find these boxes from Newegg under our tree this year.
[H]ard|OCP 1500 Q4-04
Wanting to upgrade your computer or build a new one? We show you what you can do with $1500 and a trip to NewEgg.