noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair Build & First Impressions

Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

noblechairs delivered us our most liked office chair in the last year of reviewing chairs. It came to us recently with its new Hero series gaming chair and asked if we wanted to review it. We show you the build process and our first thoughts about the Hero. It looks like it is going to pull off the "gaming" look without all the downside.

noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair Build & First Impressions

We changed up our format a bit on these chair reviews. As you know we like to use the chair for at least a month before we do a full review. We built the noblechairs Hero a week ago and have been using it for that week, so we have a bit of a "mini-review" at the end of our video today. We are going to call it "First Impressions." This Hero Gaming Chair sells for a whopping $440. That said, the noblechairs Icon has been our favorite chair we have used in the past year, and seems to be incredibly well built.

Hit the discussion link if you have an questions about the Hero so far.