Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Thursday , September 06, 2018

The Corsair T2 Road Warrior Gaming Chair was made with us guys that are a bit taller and wider in mind. It has been built with a wider seat, a wider back, and its bolsters are not as pronounced as those we found on the T1 Race chair. We gave the T2 Road Warrior two months of our attention and these are our experiences.


I lovingly refer to the Corsair T2 as the "fat boy" model. I came to this conclusion after building the T1 Race chair, and finding out that I could not "fit" in it. I tried it out for about a half a day before I realized that the T1 was not for me or my 6 foot tall ~240lb frame. When I got back with Corsair and explained to them that the T1 was simply not something I could sit in, in order to review, and Corsair said, "We got you covered, the T2 is on the way."

The Corsair T2 Road Warrior Gaming Chair is listed as having a "wide seat," and a "tall back." The T2 sells for $396 at Amazon with Prime Shipping. It is not the most expensive chair we have looked at, and is about middle of the road for good chairs we have reviewed when it comes to price. Certainly shipping is something to be considered as well when purchasing a chair, as it is easy for the full package to weigh in excess of 60lbs.

The CORSAIR T2 ROAD WARRIOR features a wide seat, tall back, and two-layer custom color accents, giving you the style, comfort and endurance you need for long-haul gaming sessions.

Beyond that, Corsair's marketing page on the T2 is for all intents and purposes a listing of overall specifications for the chair.

Corsair did however take time to put together a video on the chair that is a bit more informative than its website.

In terms of important specifications, the T2 is rated for 300LBs. Its frame is steel, the seat is polyurethane "leather," the seat back is PVC "leather," and the foam under the upholstery is polyurethane with a density of 3.1lb/cu.ft.