Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset Review

Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Friday , July 06, 2018

HyperX has a very big following with its Cloud series headsets. We are looking at its Cloud Alpha wired headset today. No 7.1 surround, no wireless, no software, no nonsense. Its claim to fame are "Dual Chambered Drivers," and is the exact reason we purchased these for review. Are these worth the $100 price tag?

HyperX Cloud Alpha Build and Features

Given that these carry the "Cloud" name, and as you might expect these are extremely light, weighing in at 309 grams with the mic attached. The headband is extremely flexible and the clamping force is fairly light as well. The one feature that is missing from the Cloud Alpha is a swivel on the earcups. This of course keeps you from being able to put these on your neck and shoulders flat should you want to take these off for a moment. However when you do this anyway, you are presented with the mic sticking right in front of your face, and in my case resting against my nose.

The ear cushions are fully over-the-ear, filled with a "premium quality signature red memory foam." The foam is covered with a pleather material referred to as "leatherette." It is all extremely soft and supple and quite comfortable.

The connection for the drivers are wired with an external cord. I never once had issue with the external wiring and the way it all stays out of the way is nice during usage.

The five holes you can see on top of the earcup are part of the venting used for the bass portion of the Dual Chamber Driver system.

One of the reasons that the Cloud Alpha is so light is due to HyperX using aluminum for the frame. HyperX points out that the frame extension is longer than its previous headset to fit bigger heads. The frame slides in and out easily and stays in the position you want easily.

Below you can see the 3.5mm inputs for your cabling and mic. These are keyed so you put the right device into the proper port. The cable and the 3.5mm are both color coded with a gray color. The cable end at the earcup fits tightly into the headset. The cable is 1.3 meters long and houses the in-line mic mute and volume control. You can of course use this with any media player with a 3.5mm port, and it also facilitates usage with gaming consoles. The extension cable is 2 meters long and has separate 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs for your PC. The cabling is extremely flexible and has a quality feel to it.

The Cloud Alpha mic comes with an included pop filter / windscreen. The mic easily bends into position and stays where you want it. Of course it is also detachable.

The Cloud Alpha's drivers are 50mm and have a very respectable frequency response of 13Hz to 27,000Hz.

The most outstanding feature of the Cloud Alpha are the Dual Chamber Drivers. The quick and dirty explanation is that this design separates the bass sound replication areas of the driver cone from the mids and the highs chamber. Give the video below a watch as it perfectly explains the system.