Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset Review

Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Friday , July 06, 2018

HyperX has a very big following with its Cloud series headsets. We are looking at its Cloud Alpha wired headset today. No 7.1 surround, no wireless, no software, no nonsense. Its claim to fame are "Dual Chambered Drivers," and is the exact reason we purchased these for review. Are these worth the $100 price tag?

HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset was introduced in September of 2017. It currently still carries its original $100 price tag. Should the red and black of the Cloud Alpha not fit with your personal aesthetic desires, HyperX does sell a gold and black version that is not quite as "loud."

If you head over to the HyperX site, you are greeted with the video below, and pictures of folks wearing these, that comes across as a bit comical, but surely we are supposed to be impressed by "celebrities" wearing the Cloud Alpha.

The most marketed point about the Cloud Alpha is the "Dual Chamber Drivers" which we will surely discuss more of a bit later on. Outside of that, "Signature Award-Winning HyperX comfort," "Durable aluminum frame with expanded headband," "Detachable braided cable with convenient in-line audio control," and "Detachable noise cancellation microphone," are the things that HyperX thinks we need to know about its Cloud Alpha. Of course we will surely address HyperX's marketing points.

The Cloud Alpha comes well boxed and the packaging covers pretty much everything we have mentioned above. Ours showed up in perfect condition.

The presentation is excellent and does give you that warm fuzzy feeling when you open the box. It feels like our money was well spent even before we put these on.

As you might guess there is not a lot in terms of accessories, but the ones that are here are nicely appointed. There are two braided cords. One short one for usage with an on-the-go media player, and a longer one to be plugged into your PC. The mic is also detachable should you not need it, which turns the Cloud Alpha into a pair of headphones. You also get a bag to pack the whole shebang into should you want to carry the entire set around.

We did this unboxing video in which we heap a bit of abuse on the headset should you like to see that in action.

While the black and red may not be your favorite, we are of course taken with it. The stitching on the headband is extremely well done, and the other construction of the Cloud Alpha is very solid.