The Crew 2 Video Card Performance and IQ Preview

Author:Brent Justice

Editor:Kyle Bennett

Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

We’ve got early access to The Crew 2 thanks to the Gold Edition, a brand new open-world racing game for the PC. Let’s find out how The Crew 2 performs on today’s GPUs in this preview. We also look at graphics settings and hit a little on Image Quality. Hopefully we will have some insight as we know a lot of readers have been waiting for this game.

Evaluation Method

We evaluate what the card being evaluated can supply us in terms of a playable gaming experience while supplying the best culmination of resolution and "eye candy" graphical settings. We focus on quality and immersion of the gameplay experience rather than how many frames per second the card can get in a canned benchmark or prerecorded timedemo situation that often do not represent real gameplay like you would experience at home. Then we will follow with apples-to-apples testing in with minimum, maximum, and average framerates.

At the time of testing (June 26th) there has not yet been an official driver release from AMD specifically optimized for this game. The latest driver we can use is AMD Adrenalin 18.6.1.

NVIDIA, however, has released a new driver today (June 26th) that is optimized or "Game Ready" for The Crew 2. We are using version GeForce 398.36. This driver according to NVIDIA: "Provides the optimal gaming experience for The Crew 2."