Koolance 400A-S TR4 Threadripper CPU Water Block Review

Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Sunday , December 24, 2017

Koolance is a well known name in the mainstream water cooling market but over the years it has paid more attention to the enterprise market. Koolance is however dipping its toe into the Threadripper cooling market, when others aren't yet, with an enthusiast water block for the TR4 socket. Let's see how it stacks up the rest of the current TR4 water blocks.

Koolance 400A-S Water Block

In an enthusiast computer hardware era fraught with Frag Harder Disco Lights, Koolance has taken a very different tack. Its first water block for AMD's new Threadripper High End Desktop CPU is delivered without much fanfare. The Koolance CPU-400A-S is black on black on black without any flashing RGB LEDs. Below we unbox and disassemble the 400A-S and give you a first look at it ouf of the box.

As of writing this, Koolance informed us that the CPU-400A-S Threadripper block will be for sale on its website "later this month," and that pricing has not yet been finalized since production stock has not yet been received. Koolance has recently dropped its pricing on its current 390 series water blocks, and its current blocks has a MSRP range of $80 to $90.

The 400A-S is a good looking product albeit in a Stealth Fighter sort of way. It does have a brushed aluminum looking cover atop it, but the design is almost purely utilitarian. And many times, that is exactly what some enthusiasts want.

The 400A-S comes with a thick cling over the coldplate in order to keep its mirror finish during shipping.

Peeling the cling off reveals a beautiful nickel plated finish that is near-perfect in its polish. Koolance has long taken pride in its coldplate finishing process and it continues with this TR4-sized product.

The packaging is utilitarian as well. Joe Friday would be satisfied with the "Just the facts, ma'am," approach.