Optimus Water Cooling V1 Intel CPU Water Block Review

Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Thursday , December 14, 2017

Optimus Water Cooling is primed to give the competition a run for the money when it comes to water cooling your very hot and overclocked LGA 115X CPU. This block is made right here right in the USA. Does "revolutionary patent-pending Hybrid Fin technology" transform a simple water block into something that can dominate its competition?

Optimus V1 Intel

When a new company pops up and is building a new CPU water block, that gets our attention. When a company starts touting, "revolutionary patent-pending Hybrid Fin technology" in a water block, that gets our attention. When there is "Made in the USA" language on the box, that gets our attention. This attention-worthy company is Optimus Water Cooling located in Chicago, Illinois. Optimus is a small outfit just getting started in the enthusiast computer water cooling business and currently has only one product to sell, the Optimus V1 Intel Front Engraved- Nickel. Well, technically, I guess Optimus actually has two products to sell since it offers the same product without its branding on top of the block, but rather on the side.

Optimus reached out to HardOCP last month and had this to say:

We recently made a very high performance water block with 0.005" fins and 0.004" channels (the thickness of paper). We also have a unique top plate that is machined out of a solid piece of brass. This means our top plate, mounting bracket, and jet plate are all one piece. Both of those components we produce ourselves in the USA. Please let me know if you would be able to review our product.

That all of course piqued our interest and here we are today. As soon as we got the Optimus V1 Intel in, we of course unboxed it and broke it down to see what is inside as shown in the video below.

The packaging containing the Optimus is extremely well done and will give you a good feeling about the $95 you just spent. While this might sound silly, even the plastic bag containing the mounting kit is heavy duty. The block is packaged well except for the coldplate. This was not done properly on our sample, and we discussed this with Optimus. Optimus has committed to put a solution in place for retail product. We will discuss this more a bit later.

Once you get the block out, you will likely be satisfied again. The block weighs 542 grams and feels very good in you hand. The machining on the Optimus V1 is exceptionally well done. All edges are true and free of any burs. The machining marks are visible beneath the nickel, but the surface is glass-smooth to the touch.

Obviously looks are subjective. The Optimus V1 looks extremely well built, however it also looks to be designed with a straight edge and little else. There is not a lot of "artwork" going on here. Undoubtedly, form follows function with the V1. The V1 top-plate is machined from a single piece of brass and the design surely follows the priority of keeping machining time as low as possible.

The coldplate is near perfectly flat and the polish on it was at one time near mirror perfect, as Optimus has assured us yours will be on delivery. The company takes a lot of pride in the V1 and was not happy that our sample showed up with finish imperfections on the coldplate.