AMD Ryzen Threadripper Installation Redux

Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Monday , September 11, 2017

We have been seeing reports of folks having issues with AMD Ryzen Threadripper installs. And by that we mean getting the processor itself actually installed down on the motherboard. We give you some quick tips on making this process seamless.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Installaion

We covered Threadripper CPU unboxing and installation a bit over a month ago. Since then, we have installed a whole lot of Threadripper CPUs in various motherboards. In the last month we have seen a few complaints from new Threadripper owners that the "screws are too short" on the TR4 socket hold-down mechanism. We did have some issues with this too at first, but quickly found an easy way to get around this issue. The video below will show you the entire Threadripper installation process again, but this time we specifically address the "short screw" issue and how to avoid it.

For those of you not wanting to watch the step-by-step video above, we will give you a quick run-down on the procedure.

When you go to torque down the three torx head screws that secures the frame that pushes the Threadripper down into the LGA socket, you want to NOT fully tighten those down fully in the 1-2-3 order as instructed. You want to start with torx screw #1, and turn it as if you were unscrewing it till you hear the thread click over the starting edge of the thread in the socket. At that point you can tighten it a quarter turn. This starts the screw into the socket, but does not put a lot of pressure on the TR4 socket frame. Too much torque on this #1 screw can cause the back of the socket to "float" up and not allow you to easily install the screws in mount points 2 and 3. After you get #1 started with a quarter turn, repeat the same process with mount points 2 and 3. Once all three screws are started, you can then fully torque #1 with the torque wrench included with your processor. Then 2...then 3. After that, you will be ready to install your cooling system.

And as reminder once again, NEVER touch the contact points down in the LGA socket. These are incredible delicate in nature, and extremely difficult to repair by hand. We learned that the hard way.

If you are looking for a nice custom cooling loop for Threadripper, we have a couple of waterblocks to suggest to you as well.


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