Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review

Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Wednesday, August 02, 2017

This is our second foray into evaluating "gaming furniture." This time we spend a couple months with the Arozzi Gaming Chair. This fine looking specimen has been full of surprises. The Arozzi Vernazza is the "new top-of-the-line model featuring all the latest innovations from Arozzi’s Swedish design team."


As you might know, I roped myself into doing "gaming furniture" reviews, and since they were sort of fun, and quite frankly I could pretty much fully accomplish one by just sitting on my ass, I decided to keep doing those. In our last review of the Vertagear Triigger 350, I promised I would spend a full month with each chair we looked, but I broke that promise by going two months since we built the Arozzi Vernazza back on May the 25th, and there is a bit of story behind that. And that will lead us to hopefully the shortest gaming chair review we ever publish.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair

A couple of months ago we took delivery of the Vernazza gaming chair from the fine people over at Champ Chairs. First and foremost, Champ Chairs sells many lines of gaming furniture, not just Arozzi. One thing I liked about its store setup is that it lets you browse chairs by your height and weight needs.

When Champ Chairs contacted me, they were not looking for a review of the Vernazza, but rather left the choice of chair up to me. Being the fat bastard I am (weighed in this morning at 237lbs at 6 feet), I used the Champ Chair website system and picked out the $400 Arozzi Vernazza myself and they shipped it over quite quickly.

Vernazza is the new top-of-the-line model featuring all the latest innovations from Arozzi’s Swedish design team.

The Vernazza sports an extra high seatback and wider chair along with premium casters for even more ease of movement and long term comfort. It has a large sculpted foam head pillow matched with a lumbar pillow, each user adjustable. Armrests are adjustable in the three dimensions, up, down, left, right and front and back, and the chair tilt is lockable and programmable. And of course, Vernazza is as stylish as it is functional, available in seven colors with supple pleather upholstery.

Top-of-the-line, Swedish, comes in HardOCP Red & Black...what's not to like? And "premium casters!" Keep that in mind as you read along.

And as you can see from above, it should be very capable of supporting my bovine frame with 100lbs to spare.

So I took the time and put it together which is documented in this painful-to-watch 30 minute video below.

Let's move on and talk about performance of the Vernazza.