be quiet! Pure Power 10 600W Power Supply Review

Author:Paul Johnson

Editor:Kyle Bennett

Date: Tuesday , June 27, 2017

This may come as a shock to you, but be quiet! power supplies are all about...wait for it...exceptionally quiet operation. However that is not the only virtue the Pure Power 10 series extols. be quiet tells us that this PP10 has "peerless dependability" and "best-in-class features." Let's see if we can set it on fire!


be quiet!, a division of Listan GmbH & Co. KG along with Xilence is a rather new face in the DIY enthusiast PC market. be quiet! began as an outgrowth of Listan's etail business in 2002. Since then, be quiet! has developed product lines covering cases, coolers, fans, and power supplies among other products. While not a major brand in North America, be quiet! has had some popularity across the pond (particularly in their native Germany) and their retail presence has started to grow even in North America. So, today, we are looking at the be quiet! Pure Power 10 600W (L10-CM-600W) which comes from FSP.

FSP Group is one of the few actual power supply manufacturers (that also brands its own PSUs) and can be found providing OEM services for a number of other brands at various times including OCZ, Zalman, AOpen, Antec, SilverStone, Super Talent, Sigma, and many more. This wide distribution of power supplies by FSP is not surprising given that it has been in business since 1993 and is one of the top 10 producers of power supplies in the world. FSP is also regarded as a manufacturer of basic workhorse type power supplies that "just gets the job done," although some of its previous high powered computer power supplies have been plagued by power quality issues.

Be Quiet? No, Really, be quiet!

The be quiet! Pure Power 10 600W is the first power supply we have ever seen from be quiet! and be quiet! is a brand that may not be as familiar to our North American readers. However, be quiet! has been a rather popular brand in Europe for some time now and has drawn a rather loyal following due to the fact that their products seeming embody "silence". Obviously, this is an area people have an interest in and the Pure Power 10 600W we are looking at today is not ridiculously large in capacity so this seems like a good way to get our feet wet with be quiet!. Now, since we have no real experience here, let's see what be quiet! has to say about this unit:

Exceptionally Quiet, Superior Reliability, Great Value

The Pure Power 10 PSU series stands for peerless dependability and best-in-class features. Whether you are assembling a very quiet system, upgrading an existing PC, building a multimedia or a multi-GPU gaming system, your build will benefit from this PSU series. It simply has the best combination of features, performance and quality at very popular price.

600 Watts of continuous power and two 12V-rails ensure rock-solid voltage stability for powerful multi-GPU systems

80PLUS Silver certification and up to 91% power conversion efficiency

Exceptionally quiet operation is achieved by an array of careful enhancements, including the use of a silence-optimized 120mm be quiet! fan

Stable operation thanks to DC-to-DC power conversion technology

Modular cable management with high-quality flat cables for PCIe connectors and drives

Product conception, design and quality control in Germany

With that said, let's take a look at what we get when we purchase the be quiet! Pure Power 10 600W power supply in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.