AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Perf. - The Brookhaven Experiment

Author:Kyle Bennett

Date: Friday , November 04, 2016

If naked mutants from another dimension with horribly bad skin conditions interests you, this is YOUR VR game! The Brookhaven Experiment is a tremendously intense 360 degree wave shooter that will keep you on your toes, give you a workout, and probably scare the piss out of you along the way. How do AMD and NVIDIA stack up in VR?

What is The Brookhaven Experiment?

The Brookhaven Experiment uses the Unreal Engine and will be the 12th GPU-intensive title added to the HardOCP VR Leaderboard. It requires use of an HTC Vive system and two motion controllers. The Brookhaven Experiment can be purchased on Steam for $20 and was released in July of this year. TBE is developed and published by Phosphor Games located in Chicago. Here is what Phosphor has to say about its game:

Something has gone terribly wrong. There aren't many people left these days. The...things that showed up - after the Experiment tore a hole through reality - have seen to that. You're not sure how much time you, or humanity itself, has left. If you have enough bullets, and enough batteries, maybe you can live long enough to fight off the monsters and see tomorrow. If you see enough tomorrows, you just might be able to get back to the event and close off the hole that these monsters keep emerging from.

The Brookhaven Experiment is a Virtual Reality survival shooter for the HTC Vive. Players will have to use the weapons and tools provided to survive ever more terrifying waves of horrific monsters in an attempt to figure out what caused the beginning of the end of the world, and, if they're strong enough, stop it from happening. Keep your head on a swivel, upgrade your equipment, shoot, and if all else fails pistol whip your way through the monster hoards to survive one more day.

First and foremost, after several months of reviewing how well AMD and NVIDIA hardware perform in Virtual Reality titles, I can say that I found The Brookhaven Experiment to be extremely good looking in the graphics department. Much of what you see, or rather don't see, is in very dark environments, hence the flashlight at your side. However what you do see looks a step above most other games I have played. The graphics are not cartoonish and the devs at Phosphor are surely shooting to show us an environment that is "doom and gloom" and meant to be unsettling.

The Brookhaven Experiment is very much a "wave shooter" game. It is not shy about this as it labels these sections as "wave 1," "wave 2," etc. So if wave shooters are not your cup of tea, then save your money on this title. However, if you do like hordes of monsters coming to kill you in a horrible Serious Sam-esque sort of way, The Brookhaven Experiment will likely be right up your alley. It is worth noting that there is no locomotion used in this game. You are contained to the size of your room scale stage. That said, you can also play TBE standing with "no" room-scale size at all. You are damn sure going to need room to swing your arms around however.

In TBE, you are usually in a darkly lit environment, and you are alone. As your progress through the campaign, you acquire new weapons and accessories for those weapons. You will have to find the "loot drops" that are hidden around the level. Some are painfully obvious, some are well hidden, so take your time to look around the map before you move along. The baddies come in waves, getting increasing difficult. All the monsters have special traits in how you will need to target them, but I can tell you now that headshots are extremely....extremely....important if you want to advance with your health intact. The monsters come in many shapes and sizes and they come at your from all directions. While you are dispatching monster from the north, there is going to come a moment when you spend a bit too long not checking your six and one or two....or three, of these nasty looking interdimensional naked things with no skin is going to be right in your face, and it is very likely to scare the hell out of you. At that point you can decide to pistol whip them to death of chop their nasty heads off with your kukri knife.

The menus between levels and waves for weapons and upgrades selection work extremely well and are intuitive. Overall, the game, its overall operation, and controller implementation work extremely well and are easy and quick to learn and use.

If being scared and feeling uneasy that bad shit is about to happen to you, The Brookhaven Experiment is not for you. If you are one of the folks that thrive on heart-pounding horror excitement, and like shooter games, The Brookhaven Experiment delivers in spades.

The video below will give you a glimpse of what I am talking about and has no spoilers.