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Dell and HP Resist the NVIDIA GPP Leash - So Far
Since we found out about NVIDIA's GeForce Partner Program, aka GPP, a couple of months ago, we have seen changes implemented by NVIDIA's partners, but what has not happened is far more important to point out at this time.
Bruce Dell of Euclideon & Holoverse Interview
It's been five years since we last heard from Bruce Dell of Euclideon about its Unlimited Detail Technology and how he saw it changing the gaming world. Since then Bruce has not been sitting on his hands, and are now delivering the Holoverse VR / AR experience to the folks Down Under. And a new video showing this off!
Euclideon & Unlimited Detail - Bruce Dell Interview
Euclideon has come under fire for its Unlimited Detail Technology claims once again. Instead of sitting around discussing it among ourselves, we sent John Gatt to Brisbane, Australia to talk to the man himself with Euclideon, Bruce Dell. We show you the demo running in real time with hardware specs and answer a lot of questions, all in video.
Dell Dimension E521
By Jason Wall  
Dell has been our most-frequently evaluated integrator, but we’ve never had a Dell system quite like this one. It has an AMD processor and sells for for about $1000. We find out if it’s a good budget buy and if it will tolerate a third-party hardware upgrade.
Dell XPS 710 H2C
By Josh Norem  
Dell has talked about competing head-to-head in the boutique gaming PC market for a while now. The company's first factory over-clocked and water-cooled gaming PC is the strongest sign yet that Dell is playing for keeps.
Dell Precision 690 Workstation
By Josh Norem  
Since variety is the spice of life, we decided to venture into the unknown world of PC workstations with a Dell Precision 690. Though the Xeon-based system brings a lot to the table, we found that Dell is still falling short in several areas of the user experience.
Dell XPS M1710 Laptop
We take a look at Dell’s XPS M1710 gaming notebook, heir to the well-received XPS M170. We find out if the M1710 is a worthy successor to Dell’s previous knockout notebook and if Dell’s tech support is finally running on all cylinders.
Dell XPS 700
By Tim Roper  
Dell’s flagship XPS 700 fuses Core 2 Duo processing and SLI gaming power in a package guaranteed to turn heads. But is the XPS branding worth the premium price?
Dell XPS 410
By Josh Norem  
Dell’s mid-range XPS offering brings Core 2 Duo muscle to the midrange market. We’ve recently seen Dell turn over a new leaf when it comes to bloatware and tech support. However, we see here that they're back to their old ways.
Dell XPS M170
By Tim Roper  
Many of our readers got in on the close-out special of the M170 before it was discontinued. So did we, and we want to tell you just how much of a bang for the buck it was!
Dell XPS 200
Dell's sleek, quiet XPS 200 media center is an elegant ornament in any living room or study. Listen to Mozart, sip your cappuccino, and discover how this burnished beauty actually performs.
Dell Strikes Back
It seems as though Dell is reconfirming their commitment to the gaming community. Dell has impressed us in their capacity to listen to their customers and are striving to deliver the ultimate out of box experience.